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Danica and Matt of Saudi Arabia

Christina's Articles - Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My husband and I were constantly amazed by how on-the-ball Christina was!! We planned our Connecticut wedding from Saudi Arabia, so we needed all the help we could get. We had a very personalized wedding (casual style backyard BBQ, 100 guests) and Christina was able to manage everything we threw at her. You won’t believe how much planning goes into a “simple” wedding, let alone anything a bit more upscale. She did an incredible job of keeping us on task and on schedule. She calmed me down anytime I got stressed out and stayed cool throughout. Oh, and on top of all that, we actually LOVED her energy and are excited to stay in touch as friends!

All you future brides out there- my #1 piece of advice to you- GET A WEDDING PLANNER. If you are on the fence and just checking out your options, this was the biggest thing that we did to help ourselves during this time. Cut your centerpiece budget and put your money here!!! Having someone there to keep you on task, deal with ALL of the vendors you’ll have to deal with, and above all, alleviate a huge portion of stress that goes along with planning a detailed event is beyond worth its weight in gold.

Aside from the planning, having Christina there on-site for day before set up and day-of was crucial. We kept wondering how people do this without a planner to keep everything and everyone in order. Also, it allowed our moms to enjoy the time and not be the ones in charge of all of these tasks, and allowed us the freedom to enjoy our own wedding without having to worry about everything coming together. Thank you Christina!!!

On an emotional level, I am 100% positive that the engagement/wedding planning time period (which is such a precious time to be with your fiance) went so much smoother because we had Christina holding our hand every step of the way. Consider your year to come planning your wedding- doing it alone or having the professional help of a wedding planner. Consider your moods for the next year with or without her, and then think about how that would affect your relationship with your fiance and family. This was something I had not previously considered, but the planner’s presence allows you to have the most fun and least stress possible during your engagement.

Needless to say, we were beyond impressed with Christina’s professionalism, and also her human touch. I chose her above the other planners I was interviewing because she responded quickly (which lasted throughout the 6 months of working with her) and she was very thorough answering all of my questions point by point. Bottom line, if you want someone you can trust will make your day and the days leading up to it a wonderful experience, make sure you book Christina. Do it now because someone else will if you don’t!

Congratulations to you all!