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Jeremy and Jilian of Vernon, CT

Christina's Articles - Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I interviewed 4 wedding planners, and Christina was the most professional and the most eager to hear about my vision for the wedding. For any brides who think a wedding planner is a waste of money, I have numerous examples why it is not! Christina referred some vendors that gave referral discounts off the contract price. (There is no pressure to use her referrals, but everyone I spoke with was professional, had a lot of experience, and was extremely positive about our special requests and budget. She generally gave me 2-4 names for each vendor, with a range of costs and packages. I found this helpful because there are so many vendors to chose from and it was hard to narrow down the search.)

When one vendor ordered wrong linens, they overnighted the correct linens and delivered them for free because Christina does so much business with them. Her organization and guidance kept me on track from choosing a venue to the schedule the day of. Your wedding day will fly by so fast, and having someone keep an eye on the clock and know the schedule keeps the pressure off of you. I have my own business, and needed to focus on working to save money for our wedding. Christina was a huge help, she would schedule appointments for me, call ahead to have packages and menus emailed for me to review, she set up our ceremony site day of, and she came to most every meeting with the different vendors. Overall, she saved me tons of time: If I had an idea she would research it for me, she contacted numerous people to get quotes, and she would contact my vendors to let them know about any changes or requests. She knows about the little details that a first time bride does not. She is completely on top of everything (and it is A LOT), and she never let me feel like just another bride or client. By the time our wedding day arrived, Christina felt more like a friend than a vendor! Everyone that attended said it was the best wedding they had ever been to… one guest even sent me a thank you card for throwing such an awesome party and they specifically said “You thought of everything”. Well, without Christina I have no doubt our wedding would have been very different. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and having a planner was the BEST decision I could have made.