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Keith and Cheryl of East Hartford, CT

Christina's Articles - Wednesday, December 2, 2015

There aren’t words to express how thankful my husband and I are for Christina (aka WP). We brought her on board as a helping hand, not realizing what a valuable resource she really is, when in the end she turned out to be way more than we could have ever wished for! She held our hand and guided us throughout the planning process with nothing less than the utmost of professionalism but also knew when to put her “therapist” hat on! None of us went into this wedding planning journey (which it definitely was!) thinking that Christina would be not only our wedding coordinator, but a shoulder to cry on, the peacekeeper when times were tough, my bustle buddy, our support system, an outside party who wasn’t afraid to tell us the truth, part of my glam squad, a friend, but most importantly a part of the family. What meant the most is that she was always in our corner and we couldnt have asked for a better person to have on and by our side. WP Christina (and for 9 of the 18 mos, Pregger WP), we are forever grateful for you making the wedding of our dreams come true!! You will forever be a part of our lives :)