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Rosanne Zipprich of Bronx, NY

Christina's Articles - Wednesday, December 2, 2015

We hired Christina as a day-of-coordinator for our May 12, 2012 wedding. She proved, however, to go way above and beyond her agreement to help us on the “day-of!” When you hire a day-of-coordinator, you don’t quite expect the coordinator to care about your planning beforehand. But Christina did. She took down all names, contact information, vendor emails, and even cell phone numbers of the best man and maid of honor! Christina then made it her business to introduce herself to all key parties involved in the event (and we are talking months ahead of time!) and to confirm scheduling and details with each vendor or person. Furthermore, Christina helped us to keep ourselves on schedule too! She checked in with us via two very thorough phone-conferences at two points before the wedding, and she went well out of her way to reach out to us and make sure this happened. Also, know that Christina was so generous with her time during all in-person and phone-conference meetings. We never felt rushed, and Christina made it clear her priority was to work with us as much as we needed, and until we felt comfortable. She wanted to be sure we stayed on top of all the details. and that we had a game plan for all the “small stuff” so we could work together to make sure the day would be seamless. And was it ever! In order to make this happen, Christina listened to our laundry lists of small requests that saved us a load of worry on the day-of and time beforehand: arranging a performance from a last minute musician, making sure my niece’s birthday cake came out at the right moment at the reception, making sure flowers were moved from the church to the reception hall, picking up extra programs, seamlessly arranging all the processions, coordinating with the DJ and photographer, coming to the rehearsal — and the list goes on! I can’t even tell you how much she did behind the scenes on the day of that would have made me, my husband, and my family crazy if we had to do it ourselves. And, again, so much of it — hashing out processional plans with the bagpiper, or scoping out the church and reception hall beforehand (on her own time on the weekend!) went way beyond “day-of” stuff. And a kind phone call to the groom to make sure he was okay on the day of, and somehow scrounging up Visine for a very bleary-eyed and nervous bride on the day of, were pretty way beyond what I would’ve thought we hired her to do too :) Oh, and at the end of the night after the wedding, somehow all our stuff — cards, gifts, toasting glasses, bouquets, my clutch, the “little stuff” you worry about losing — was all neatly packed and placed in our room before we even keyed in after the reception. She’s just magic :) Not to mention the Moms of the bride AND groom LOVED her (now that’s magic), and so did our vendors. She’s a pleasure to work with, a total professional start to finish, and so worth the bang for your buck given her dedication and such amazing organization! Christina will know your schedule inside out, and make sure everything happens quietly, seamlessly and with a smile. She will work so hard to make sure you have a perfect day — a day that the bride and the groom can just sit back and enjoy. And I can honestly say that is the kind of day we had. Literally nothing went wrong. Nothing. Not something I ever thought I’d say about my wedding! Everything, everything went right and beautiful and without a beat missed. THANK YOU CHRISTINA!