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  • Aaron and Rachel of Amherst, MA Testimonial Thumbnail

    We contacted Christina for day-of coordination and were very happy that we had her on hand. She helped put all the pieces together on the day of our wedding and kept us moving on schedule with an easy but firm manner. Our family members all responded positively to her, and several other wedding vendors mentioned how much they enjoyed working with her. Thank you!

    Aaron and Rachel of Amherst, MA

  • Danica and Matt of Saudi Arabia Testimonial Thumbnail

    My husband and I were constantly amazed by how on-the-ball Christina was!! We planned our Connecticut wedding from Saudi Arabia, so we needed all the help we could get. We had a very personalized wedding (casual style backyard BBQ, 100 guests) and Christina was able to manage everything we threw at her. You won’t believe how much planning goes into a “simple” wedding, let alone anything a bit more upscale. She did an incredible job of keeping us on task and on schedule. She calmed me down anytime I got stressed out and stayed cool throughout. Oh, and on top of all that, we actually LOVED her energy and are excited to stay in touch as friends!

    All you future brides out there- my #1 piece of advice to you- GET A WEDDING PLANNER. If you are on the fence and just checking out your options, this was the biggest thing that we did to help ourselves during this time. Cut your centerpiece budget and put your money here!!! Having someone there to keep you on task, deal with ALL of the vendors you’ll have to deal with, and above all, alleviate a huge portion of stress that goes along with planning a detailed event is beyond worth its weight in gold.

    Aside from the planning, having Christina there on-site for day before set up and day-of was crucial. We kept wondering how people do this without a planner to keep everything and everyone in order. Also, it allowed our moms to enjoy the time and not be the ones in charge of all of these tasks, and allowed us the freedom to enjoy our own wedding without having to worry about everything coming together. Thank you Christina!!!

    On an emotional level, I am 100% positive that the engagement/wedding planning time period (which is such a precious time to be with your fiance) went so much smoother because we had Christina holding our hand every step of the way. Consider your year to come planning your wedding- doing it alone or having the professional help of a wedding planner. Consider your moods for the next year with or without her, and then think about how that would affect your relationship with your fiance and family. This was something I had not previously considered, but the planner’s presence allows you to have the most fun and least stress possible during your engagement.

    Needless to say, we were beyond impressed with Christina’s professionalism, and also her human touch. I chose her above the other planners I was interviewing because she responded quickly (which lasted throughout the 6 months of working with her) and she was very thorough answering all of my questions point by point. Bottom line, if you want someone you can trust will make your day and the days leading up to it a wonderful experience, make sure you book Christina. Do it now because someone else will if you don’t!

    Congratulations to you all!

    Danica and Matt of Saudi Arabia

  • Deanna and Jon of Derby, CT Testimonial Thumbnail

    I hired Christina as my wedding planner over a year in advance of my August 11, 2012 wedding. Through the entire duration of our planning, Christina was a constant source of helpfulness through her suggestions, advice, and immediate responsiveness to all of our needs. Her experience with wedding planning was what really made her stand apart from the other wedding planners I interviewed. That, combined with her great personality and professional demeanor made her the easy choice for planning our wedding! She promptly answered all of our e-mails, gave us great suggestions for ceremony/reception ideas, and dealt with all of the headaches that come along with planning a wedding. As a day-of coordinator, she made sure that our ceremony and reception went flawlessly. She assisted me through the entire day, and also helped all of my bridal attendants and guests with any of their needs. I have recommended her to all of my friends and to the wedding wire community! Christina was ESSENTIAL to our wedding and we loved having her be a part of it!

    Deanna and Jon of Derby, CT

  • Emma and Jim of Vernon, CT Testimonial Thumbnail

    If you have recently gotten engaged, or are thinking about doing so, you need to call Christina as soon as you finish reading this. She is the ultimate wedding professional. She was my day of coordinator for my recent wedding, and her services were the biggest contributing factor to having a smooth, organized, timely, wedding day. I was given many compliments by family members noting how important Christina’s role was to the flow of the day. Everyone mentioned how helpful, friendly and professional she was. My entire bridal party completely fell in love with her, I know for a fact she will be a part of all of my bridesmaids future weddings.

    Christina is a pleasure to work with. She is upbeat, easy to get along with, flexible, hard working, and a true wedding expert. Throughout the year that we worked together, she always kept me on track, checked in with me when she needed to, and stayed on top of every task she took on. She gave me fantastic advice, and in the end I was honored to have such a kind, calming, positive person with me on my wedding day.

    If you are doubting working with a wedding planner or coordinator- you are crazy. You need Christina to advocate for you, so your day goes exactly the way you want it to. She is the absolute best at what she does, and a a truly great person.

    Emma and Jim of Vernon, CT

  • Greg and Melissa of Chicopee, MA Testimonial Thumbnail

    Christina’s wedding planning services were amazing! She handled every detail from start to finish and had wonderful, creative ideas. When we weren’t sure which direction we wanted to head in, she was there to guide us. There was no stress in our planning our wedding or on the day of. Celebrations by Christina took care of everything. She was 100% professional and 100% fun all the time. We would highly recommend her to anyone in need of an event planner. Let Celebrations by Christina handle the details, while you handle the fun!

    Greg and Melissa of Chicopee, MA

  • Jeremy and Jilian of Vernon, CT Testimonial Thumbnail

    I interviewed 4 wedding planners, and Christina was the most professional and the most eager to hear about my vision for the wedding. For any brides who think a wedding planner is a waste of money, I have numerous examples why it is not! Christina referred some vendors that gave referral discounts off the contract price. (There is no pressure to use her referrals, but everyone I spoke with was professional, had a lot of experience, and was extremely positive about our special requests and budget. She generally gave me 2-4 names for each vendor, with a range of costs and packages. I found this helpful because there are so many vendors to chose from and it was hard to narrow down the search.)

    When one vendor ordered wrong linens, they overnighted the correct linens and delivered them for free because Christina does so much business with them. Her organization and guidance kept me on track from choosing a venue to the schedule the day of. Your wedding day will fly by so fast, and having someone keep an eye on the clock and know the schedule keeps the pressure off of you. I have my own business, and needed to focus on working to save money for our wedding. Christina was a huge help, she would schedule appointments for me, call ahead to have packages and menus emailed for me to review, she set up our ceremony site day of, and she came to most every meeting with the different vendors. Overall, she saved me tons of time: If I had an idea she would research it for me, she contacted numerous people to get quotes, and she would contact my vendors to let them know about any changes or requests. She knows about the little details that a first time bride does not. She is completely on top of everything (and it is A LOT), and she never let me feel like just another bride or client. By the time our wedding day arrived, Christina felt more like a friend than a vendor! Everyone that attended said it was the best wedding they had ever been to… one guest even sent me a thank you card for throwing such an awesome party and they specifically said “You thought of everything”. Well, without Christina I have no doubt our wedding would have been very different. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and having a planner was the BEST decision I could have made.

    Jeremy and Jilian of Vernon, CT

  • Keith and Cheryl of East Hartford, CT Testimonial Thumbnail

    There aren’t words to express how thankful my husband and I are for Christina (aka WP). We brought her on board as a helping hand, not realizing what a valuable resource she really is, when in the end she turned out to be way more than we could have ever wished for! She held our hand and guided us throughout the planning process with nothing less than the utmost of professionalism but also knew when to put her “therapist” hat on! None of us went into this wedding planning journey (which it definitely was!) thinking that Christina would be not only our wedding coordinator, but a shoulder to cry on, the peacekeeper when times were tough, my bustle buddy, our support system, an outside party who wasn’t afraid to tell us the truth, part of my glam squad, a friend, but most importantly a part of the family. What meant the most is that she was always in our corner and we couldnt have asked for a better person to have on and by our side. WP Christina (and for 9 of the 18 mos, Pregger WP), we are forever grateful for you making the wedding of our dreams come true!! You will forever be a part of our lives :)

    Keith and Cheryl of East Hartford, CT

  • Kevin and Wendy of Enfield, CT Testimonial Thumbnail

    It was an absolute pleasure to work with Christina! She was at the top of her game the entire time we worked together to make our wedding the best it could be…and it was amazing–thanks to Christina! Her firsthand knowledge of our venue was invaluable, and no matter what popped up, she handled it with poise and professionalism each time. I had an absolute blast working with her…she was great! I wouldn’t hesitate to send everyone I know her way! There was no was I could have done everything she did for us on my own on the day of the wedding!

    Kevin and Wendy of Enfield, CT

  • Krystal and Milton of Hartford, CT Testimonial Thumbnail

    What can I say about the wedding Christina and Celebrations by Christina helped us plan other than AMAZING!!!! Our wedding was magical. For over a year, we worked extremely close with Christina on every detail from the venue selection to the caterer to the table cloths and linens. Christina coordinated with everyone involved to make sure the day went perfectly. She helped us arrange the amazing fireworks, found the perfect MC and host and also officiated our ceremony perfectly. You won’t find a better plan, a better person or a better friend for your wedding day!

    Krystal and Milton of Hartford, CT

  • Lauryn and Mike of Terryville, CT Testimonial Thumbnail

    My husband and I recently got married in St. Thomas, USVI this past July. We started planning our wedding over a year in advance and contacted Christina as we were feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of having to plan a wedding overseas. From the moment we met with and began our discussions with Christina, she immediately put our minds at ease about the whole process and made it thoroughly enjoyable going through everything aspect of preparing for a wedding.

    Christina took care of everything and didn’t leave out one detail. We could tell she really enjoys her job planning weddings. Christina has many contacts in the wedding business and hooked us up with incredible people all along the way, including setting us up with a great travel agency, which was probably the most important aspect of planning a destination wedding. Christina just knows and works with great people, who when all is said and done, provide you with an exceptional experience. As we were the first of many of our friends to get married, we were clueless when starting to plan this wedding and were able to trust Christina 100% with all of her recommendations.

    Christina is always available. Whereas with some planners you may feel like just another client, with Christina, regardless of how many weddings she was planning, we always felt like we were here first priority. She was always available for a phone call, extremely responsive to e-mails, and we were able to get together and meet at any time.

    While we were in St. Thomas, my husband and I didn’t have to do a thing. Christina made it possible for us to only concentrate on each other and to enjoy our time with friends and family once we got to St. Thomas. That is something you really can’t put a price on. The piece of mind she provided us during the whole process and during the wedding weekend specifically, is something we can never really thank her enough for.

    Aside from the amazing job she did preparing and during the wedding, Christina is just a great person to be around and work with. She is always pleasant, and if there is something in the way that she needs to tackle or fix, it gets done without any problem and swiftly. She is a true professional at her job, but at the same time, we were able to become fast friends, which is so important when you are working this closely with someone. Now that the wedding is over, I know we will keep in touch.

    If you are looking for a wedding planner, do yourself a favor and give Christina a call. You will be so glad you did, and have a chance to really enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

    Lauryn and Mike of Terryville, CT

  • Marc and Denise of Somers, CT Testimonial Thumbnail

    My fiance Marc and I got married on June 23, 2012 and while planning our Wedding during the months up to it, we realized we couldn’t do it all ourselves and were getting really stressed out about it! And who wants that right?? We met with Christina and instantly said YES we need you!!! She’s such a super woman and made us feel at ease about everything we had problems with, she’s so down to earth and fun to work with! She contacted all our vendors to make sure everything would run as scheduled. The day went AWESOME and we had such a blast with NO worries whatsoever! We even took a cute photo with her and felt like she was part of the family! A definite MUST for any Bride and Groom! :)

    Marc and Denise of Somers, CT

  • Marie Brenner Testimonial Thumbnail

    We hired Christina at the recommendation of our venue Worthington Pond (where she now also works). I never imagined hiring or needing a wedding planner, but it was the single most helpful and stress-reducing thing we did for the wedding. We planned our CT wedding from WA where we live. Christina was so amazingly helpful. She kept us on task, helped us with finding vendors, and was superwoman during the day of the wedding. She was very easy to get a hold of and super responsive – even setting up Skype sessions with us to go over details! In hiring Christina, I not only got a planner, but also a friend. She listened to me vent, gave me suggestions based on all her experience, and executed a day that met our (alternative) vision perfectly. I would highly recommend Christina to all my friends, and plan on keeping in touch with her!

    Marie Brenner

  • Meg and Tyler of Philadelphia, PA Testimonial Thumbnail

    Christina is great! She is organized, fun, resourceful and professional. She anticipates problems and solves them without hesitation or even bringing you into it. Even though you spend so much time thinking through details and planning there is always something you’ll miss. Christina is there to make it all happen and seamless so you can enjoy your day

    Meg and Tyler of Philadelphia, PA

  • Paula and Dan of Laurel, MD Testimonial Thumbnail

    Christina was worth every penny and more! She was such a pleasure to work with and did everything with a smile. We hired her to be our day-of-coordinator for our October 2011 wedding, but she was also a great resource during the planning process as well. We met several times throughout our engagement and even provided us with some great tips and recommendations along the way. She worked extremely well with and alongside our vendors. She was assertive when needed and also knew when to step back and listen. The day of the wedding, she made sure that every detail we have planned was implemented and also took care of any issues that came up (most of it we did not even hear about). She was extremely helpful and we couldn’t imagine having done our wedding without her. Most of all, she worked well with me despite my particular, perfectionist, and super detailed personality. Everyone at the wedding (including my now husband and I), especially our wedding party (and families), loved her. I would recommend her to any bride who wants the peace of mind on their special day to just enjoy. Whether if it’s wedding planning or just day-of-coordination, she is a must-have for a beautiful and seamless wedding.

    Paula and Dan of Laurel, MD

  • Rebecca and Sean of Virginia Beach, VA Testimonial Thumbnail

    So I slashed my centerpiece budget and hired Christina for our ‘day of’ coordinator; I completely agree w/ the other reviews, she is awesome to work with! She is fun, down to earth, and on top of her game. Coincidentally Christina got married at the same church we did, so I knew that her experience in that church community was invaluable! I didn’t want to burden my family/bridesmaids with responsibilities the day of, so it was a relief to give Christina complete set-up of the church/flowers/music. The ceremony and family pictures ran smoothly, and we got to our reception venue on-time to start wedding party pictures. Christina happily gathered everything from the church and returned all items to my parents’ house, because we felt comfortable enough to give her a key. She absolutely has become a friend and someone I was so grateful to have with me on our day!

    Rebecca and Sean of Virginia Beach, VA

  • Rosanne Zipprich of Bronx, NY Testimonial Thumbnail

    We hired Christina as a day-of-coordinator for our May 12, 2012 wedding. She proved, however, to go way above and beyond her agreement to help us on the “day-of!” When you hire a day-of-coordinator, you don’t quite expect the coordinator to care about your planning beforehand. But Christina did. She took down all names, contact information, vendor emails, and even cell phone numbers of the best man and maid of honor! Christina then made it her business to introduce herself to all key parties involved in the event (and we are talking months ahead of time!) and to confirm scheduling and details with each vendor or person. Furthermore, Christina helped us to keep ourselves on schedule too! She checked in with us via two very thorough phone-conferences at two points before the wedding, and she went well out of her way to reach out to us and make sure this happened. Also, know that Christina was so generous with her time during all in-person and phone-conference meetings. We never felt rushed, and Christina made it clear her priority was to work with us as much as we needed, and until we felt comfortable. She wanted to be sure we stayed on top of all the details. and that we had a game plan for all the “small stuff” so we could work together to make sure the day would be seamless. And was it ever! In order to make this happen, Christina listened to our laundry lists of small requests that saved us a load of worry on the day-of and time beforehand: arranging a performance from a last minute musician, making sure my niece’s birthday cake came out at the right moment at the reception, making sure flowers were moved from the church to the reception hall, picking up extra programs, seamlessly arranging all the processions, coordinating with the DJ and photographer, coming to the rehearsal — and the list goes on! I can’t even tell you how much she did behind the scenes on the day of that would have made me, my husband, and my family crazy if we had to do it ourselves. And, again, so much of it — hashing out processional plans with the bagpiper, or scoping out the church and reception hall beforehand (on her own time on the weekend!) went way beyond “day-of” stuff. And a kind phone call to the groom to make sure he was okay on the day of, and somehow scrounging up Visine for a very bleary-eyed and nervous bride on the day of, were pretty way beyond what I would’ve thought we hired her to do too :) Oh, and at the end of the night after the wedding, somehow all our stuff — cards, gifts, toasting glasses, bouquets, my clutch, the “little stuff” you worry about losing — was all neatly packed and placed in our room before we even keyed in after the reception. She’s just magic :) Not to mention the Moms of the bride AND groom LOVED her (now that’s magic), and so did our vendors. She’s a pleasure to work with, a total professional start to finish, and so worth the bang for your buck given her dedication and such amazing organization! Christina will know your schedule inside out, and make sure everything happens quietly, seamlessly and with a smile. She will work so hard to make sure you have a perfect day — a day that the bride and the groom can just sit back and enjoy. And I can honestly say that is the kind of day we had. Literally nothing went wrong. Nothing. Not something I ever thought I’d say about my wedding! Everything, everything went right and beautiful and without a beat missed. THANK YOU CHRISTINA!

    Rosanne Zipprich of Bronx, NY